Info 296A

Research Methods: Introduction to Quantitative Methods

2 units

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Course Description

The goal of this seminar is to provide students with an introduction to many different types of quantitative research methods. We begin with a focus on defining research problems, theory testing, causal inference, and basic statistics. Then, we will explore a range of research designs and methodological techniques that are available for empirical research. Topics in research methods include: Primary and Secondary Data Analysis, Sampling, Survey Design, and Experimental Designs. Topics in quantitative techniques include: Descriptive and Inferential statistics, General Linear Models, and Non-Linear Models. The course will conclude with an introduction to special topics in quantitative research methods, including Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Models, and Social Network Analysis. This course is intended as an introduction to many quantitative methods and research techniques, and not as a replacement for focused statistics courses.



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January 10, 2017