Info 290

Interaction Design

2 units

Course Description

For this course, we are going to tackle one of the world’s biggest challenges (voted on by the students). We will organize as an innovation lab tasked with developing new products and so as to better understand the principles, process, and outputs of interaction design. The goal will be to be able to apply the concepts and frameworks we cover in class to a real problem space.

Students will be responsible for developing a robust prototype over the final few weeks of the course. They will also write a reflection on the prototype development process, drawing on the theoretical concepts covered in the course. On the last day of class, students will present their work to a panel of industry experts for feedback.

Students will have a design activity and short reading each week. Each week in class:

  • For the first hour we will run a design review, with classmates bringing in work for feedback in a dialogic studio setting. We will employ a variation of Six Thinking Hats to practice sharing and incorporating feedback.
  • For the second hour we will review key concepts and frameworks of interaction design.

Requirements Satisfied

Ph.D. Major/Minor Areas — Human-Computer Interaction
Ph.D. Major/Minor Areas — Information and Communication Technologies and Development

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October 17, 2022