Info 236

Privacy Law for Technologists

3 units

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Course Description

Information privacy law profoundly shapes how internet-enabled services work. This course translates regulatory demands flowing from the growing field of privacy and security law to those who are creating interesting and transformative internet-enabled services. We focus both on formal requirements of the law and on how technology might accommodate regulatory demands and goals. Topics include: Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, unfair/deceptive trade practices, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, children’s privacy, big data and discrimination, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, intermediary liability issues, ediscovery and data retention, anti-marketing laws, and technical requirements of the European Union-United States Privacy Shield.

Required textbook: FTC Privacy Law and Policy (CUP 2016)

Previously offered as Info 290. Privacy Law for Technologists.

Requirements Satisfied

Ph.D. Breadth — Information Economics, Law, and Policy
Ph.D. Major/Minor Areas — Information Law and Policy

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July 6, 2022