Info 220

Management of Information Systems and Services

3 units

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Course Description

Three hours of lecture per week. This course provides both a general introduction to management and management science with a focus on issues in complex information organizations. The course is useful to those who will work in organizations and will be involved in the analysis, design, or delivery of information services and systems, especially those in management positions. The specific topics are chosen to complement the topics in INFOSYS 208. The course is designed for students who do not have a degree in management.

One focus is on both the internal and external issues and practices of management. Internal issues include organizational behavior, organizational theory, personnel, budgeting, and planning. External issues include organizational environments, politics, marketing, funding sources, and strategic planning.

The other focus is on management science tools, such as optimization, game theory, and queuing theory (the study of throughput and waiting lines).

Assignments will be on both an individual and group basis.



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February 15, 2019