Info 207

Analysis of Information Systems

2 units

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Course Description

Note: 207 will be taught during the first half of the semester.

Three hours of lecture per week for seven and one-half weeks. Systems and project management, focusing on the process of information systems analysis and design. Includes such topics as systems analysis, process analysis, cost and statistical analysis, accounting and budgeting, and planning.

The course provides a general introduction to information and knowledge management in organizations, including:

  1. An introduction to tools and methods for the analysis and design of information systems.
  2. The management of the process of information system analysis and design, that is, project management.

One primary objective of the course is for the student to conduct an analysis of an information system and, if appropriate, design an alternate system. This system may be a manual procedure in need of improvement, a manual system that needs automation, automated procedures that need improvement, or an analytic study of an existing system. This analysis will be accompanied by a class presentation of its results. Projects are to be done on an individual or group basis. The course provides the student with the tools to conduct the study.

Among the topics covered in the lectures and readings are the process of identifying and selecting projects, project initiation, systems requirements determination, system data collection, interviewing and questionnaire development, workflow analysis and design, data flow diagramming, statistical and cost analysis, and the implementation and evaluation of systems. It is up to the student to find a project for the course. The instructor will provide guidance. The break between semesters is a good time to begin looking for organizations and/or systems that need analysis and/or improvement.


Consent of instructor required for non-majors.

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