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Digital Berkeley: Making Open Educational Resources (OER)

1 units

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This course is not currently offered.

Course Description

Inspired by projects in the Open Education movement such as the University of Michigan's Open.Michigan, MIT's OpenCourseWare and Berkeley's Webcast program, Digital Berkeley seeks to connect students directly to the creation and dissemination of Berkeley course materials. The point of Digital Berkeley is to have students take materials from a Berkeley class, consult the professor(s)/ lecturer(s)/facilitator(s) and turn those materials into legal, digital, accessible, usable, Open Educational Resources (OER).

While the long term goal for this class is to establish an open, free repository for Berkeley course materials in the form of OER, the short term goal is to connect students to the process of creating OER, and thus forge relationships that will help the project grow as a campus-wide service.

This is a student-initiated group study course (DE-Cal). Please contact the student coordinator(s) for specific questions.

Must be taken on a passed/not passed basis.

This course is also offered as Information 198 for upper-division undergraduates

(This course was offered for 2-3 units in Fall 2010.)

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January 10, 2017