Cybersecurity 242

Government, National Security, and the Fifth Domain

3 units

Course Description

A variety of actors exploit government and private networks, systems, and data. Perpetrators target these systems to engage in cybercrime, espionage, disinformation campaigns, disruption of essential services, destruction of critical infrastructure, and the deletion, theft, or alteration of data. The government, military, and private sector have various roles and responsibilities with regard to the protection of the cyber domain. In this course, students critically evaluate these roles and responsibilities, the manner in which government networks, systems, and data are secured, and the ability of national and international cybersecurity strategies and partnerships to provide effective and efficient protection of the fifth domain.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critically assess national and international cybersecurity strategies
  • Describe and evaluate national and international public-private partnerships.
  • Discuss the fifth domain and its protection within the context of national security.
  • Identify lessons learned and recommend ways to improve national and international approaches to cybersecurity.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the military, government, and the private sector in cybersecurity.
  • Utilize an evidence-based approach to analyze the security of government networks and systems and privacy of retained data.

Previously listed as CYBER W242.


MICS students only. CYBER 200, CYBER 202.

Last updated:

June 23, 2022