MICS Capstone Project Summer 2023


In the obscure domain of the dark web, a thriving hub of cybercriminal activity revolves around the illicit trade of stolen corporate data. Alarming, however, is the prevalent lack of effective monitoring systems among numerous companies, rendering them susceptible to cyber threats and data breaches.

Addressing this critical gap, our unwavering commitment at ShadowBrand.ai is to engineer a comprehensive solution that proactively identifies and mitigates potential threats originating from the dark web. Our cutting-edge service revolves around the meticulous identification of pertinent risk data and customer information concealed within the dark web's labyrinthine structure.

Crucially, our approach entails delivering an in-depth risk analysis, complemented by meticulously devised mitigation strategies, empowering organizations to significantly reduce their exposure to cyber threats. By embracing the innovative solutions offered by shadowBrand.ai, corporate entities can elevate their cybersecurity resilience, safeguarding valuable digital assets in the ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime.

Key Features of ShadowBrand.ai 

Find Exposed Assets: Our cutting-edge technology rapidly identifies instances of exposed company assets, keeping you one step ahead of potential threats to company assets, including credentials, data leaks, and more.

Evaluate Asset Risk: ShadowBrand's expert team analyzes the collected data, developing organization specific, detailed reports with actionable insights so you understand the extent of the risk and can prioritize remediation efforts.

Enabling a Security Framework:  Cyber threats are persistent, which is why ShadowBrand offers continuous monitoring and support to keep you updated on emerging risks and assist in maintaining a robust security posture.

Network Architecture 

Welcome to ShadowBrand.ai, where your security and privacy are our utmost priority. When building our platform, we've meticulously integrated robust security features into every layer of our infrastructure. Our use of Cloudflare allows us to leverage its exceptional Content Delivery Network and Web Application Firewall.

To ensure no part of our platform is directly exposed to the Internet, we've established an encrypted proxied SSL pipe between Cloudflare and our platform. Additionally, our entire infrastructure is safely nestled within a private network.

To further bolster security, our microservices communicate through Mutual TLS, strengthening the overall communication safety. Meanwhile, our utilization of multiple Amazon Aurora MySQL databases, with role-based access that requires no username or password, is a testament to our commitment to your privacy.

Using Amazon Data Lake House, we've constructed a Data Intelligence Platform of unparalleled capacity. A crucial component of our technology is our Ingestion API and scanning processes. They acquire and analyze multifarious data from the Darkweb, subsequently generating risk scores based on our finely-tuned models. At ShadowBrand.ai, we transform complex data into meaningful insights to secure your digital world.

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ShadowBrand Capstone Presentation Video

ShadowBrand Capstone Presentation Video

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August 8, 2023