MICS Capstone Project Spring 2022


SmartBlocks enables inclusive and safe access to financial services through user friendly, secure Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts are a block of code that is written by entities wishing to transact and they are executed on the blockchain platform. Smart contracts are digital contracts that represent promises that should be upheld when certain conditions are met, similar to paper contracts.

There is currently an estimated market cap of $400 Billion for digital currency and it is growing. There are a number of security vulnerabilities associated with using Smart contracts (Examples https://ethernaut.openzeppelin.com/). In 2021, $2.2 Billion was lost due to security breaches. 

SmartBlocks solution provides 1) a simple, no-code, user interface for creating smart contracts 2) the final generated Smart Contracts are assembled by taking into account the best security practices and are scanned for vulnerabilities 3) generating the smart-contract is very fast, it takes less than a few seconds to generate the contract and no need for external security auditors 4) We provide ongoing support by continuously scanning for  up to date vulnerabilities and notifying users if new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Last updated:

April 14, 2022