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Smart Home Energy Usage Analysis and Visualization

Growth in clean energy is accelerating globally. Many projections show, US renewable energy penetration near 20% now, will reach 40% by 2035(which is double in 10 years) and over 70% by 2050. At residential level, people are going green by going smart without compromising life quality, for example, saving energy by adopting smart devices such as nest and energy star appliance, balancing energy usage by installing solar panels and battery storage at home and prepare to go off grid during disaster such as wildfire, offering smart appliance such as dryer or water heater to utility for grid-level optimization at convenient time. In near future, each household will be an energy hub, who will consume and generate electricity as well as sell and buy from neighbors. At utility level, analyzing individual household’s power usage patterns will target certain household to promote solar energy adoptions and personalize incentive programs for grid level optimization. In our project, we are analyzing a smart home power usage to get a good understanding of patterns from different dimensions.

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Smart Home Analylsis to Save Energy

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April 15, 2022