MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2022

Simple Differential Privacy

Enabling data insights for the greater good while protecting the privacy of individuals

The Problem

Harvesting insights from data about individuals can serve the greater good, for example combatting disease, the spread of viral pandemics, and promote the advancement of scientific research. However, obtaining these insights directly imperils individual privacy rights. Privacy legislation and enforcement is increasingly restricting access to data, data with insights that can improve lives.

Our Solution

Differential Privacy techniques can provide rigorous privacy guarantees but require substantial technical expertise to implement.Simple Differential Privacy provides an accessible, transactional marketplace to enable owners and users of data obtain insights while protecting individual privacy.Simple Differential Privacy is an end to end, user-friendly platform to enable consumers and providers of data with a means to transact without breaching privacy rights, with no experience in privacy engineering required.


Last updated:

August 4, 2022