MICS Capstone Project Fall 2021



Without proper action taken by developers, the existing security challenges of IoT botnets, attacker attribution, and the loss of consumer and citizen privacy will only get worse for everyone on the planet.


Major problems in IoT security results from a general cyber skills shortage and common resource constraints among companies working hard to launch IoT products. There is also difficulty in applying security controls to memory and storage constrained devices, as well as a lack of company resources to adequately maintain crypto-agility on devices  and securing them beyond “end-of-life”.


The problems related to IoT security must be considered and integrated  during development.Attempting to secure IoTs through countermeasures and mitigations is results in an endless race against attacker innovations.Security for IoTs cannot be an afterthought, and requires dedicated and careful implementation of best practices from beta to beyond “end-of-life.”


The solution requires adoption by IoT developers.We aim to achieve widespread adoption throughthe clear value-add of an easy-to-use, world-class cryptographic solution for all IoT developer use-cases. Fortunately for us, aside from their main aim of solving their customer’s problems, IoT developers report that security is their number one concern*.


Developers will be able to build advanced cryptographic solutions by describing their use-cases in terms they are familiar with. Also, Enterprise SOC teams, ISPs, and manufacturers will be able to monitor their IoTs in their environments through a health-check monitoring API.

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December 7, 2021