MICS Capstone Project Fall 2021

Consent Envoy

Problem Statement

Consent Envoy plugin facilitates the direct exchange of websites’ privacy disclosures and users’ privacy preferences in resulting in usable privacy. It resolves accessibility issues by enabling users to communicate privacy preferences to  websites while allowing the websites to execute users’ consents within complex web supply chains. This plugin lowers the privacy consent barrier for all online users including minors and visually impaired.

Our Solution

Consent Envoy embeds Privacy by Design, Separation of Duties, Conflict of Interest Avoidance and Security by Design principles. Based on literature review, market research, and competition analysis; this innovative approach bridges the gap of current market solutions and proposed frameworks.

Consent Envoy will ignite a new standard for online privacy for the research community, the regulatory bodies and the public at large.


Our team received a grant from the Berkeley Center for Long Term Cybersecurity (CLTC).


We would like to thank the I-School faculty and staff for their listening, coaching and inspiration.

  • Sekhar Sarukkai , MICS Capstone Instructor
  • Ryan Liu, MICS Capstone Instructor
  • Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Professor of Practice
  • Daniel Aranki, Assistant Professor of Practice
  • Atefeh Namvaryshad, MICS Mentor
  • Mary McHale, I School Career Counsellor

Finally, our colleagues in this class. For the last 14 weeks, you have been helpful to provide valuable feedback.



Consent Envoy

Consent Envoy

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December 8, 2021