Student Project

Arizona Real Estate Market

This visualization of the Arizona housing market was built by Laura Herman, Sarah Iranpour, and Bo Qian.

The goal of our project was to create a visual representation of the most pertinent information for purchasing a home or property in the metro Phoenix area. Users who are not familiar with Phoenix should be able to learn about the area and narrow their search based on price, supply, school districts, crime, and restaurant data. Ideally, users would have this information at their fingertips when deciding where to live or invest in real estate. They can then balance the factors personally most important to them and compare areas based on these features.

In order to accomplish this task we compiled data from several sources. First, we sourced real estate listings data (2014-2020) from a local Arizona real estate agent’s database. This includes home characteristics (sqft, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.), days on market, listing price, and sold price. The school district data (2019) consists of the most recently available district rankings and number students from Crime data (2015 - early 2021) was sourced from the Phoenix city government site for each reported crime and location. Lastly, we collected data on food such as restaurants and grocery stores from the Yelp API, which shows current businesses as of the access date (early 2021).

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April 14, 2021