Student Project

Exploring COVID-19

Welcome to Jeremiah Joseph Sahabu, Natalie Wang, and George Tao's vizualization project focused on COVID-19. The website can be found at:

We have three main tasks for this visualization: exploring growth trends, comparing country responses, and comparing to other pandemics.

Exploring Growth Trends

The primary goal was to explore how COVID-19 grew in different countries. Visualizations were created to show how far along each country is regarding its COVID-19 timeline. Additionally, by creating compelling visualizations, we can help educate the public about how dangerous this pandemic actually is.

Comparing Country Responses

The primary goal was to analyze how different countries responsed to COVID-19. Some countries are further along the recovery process than others, so by analyzing and comparing responses, we hope to better understand how certain enforced measures affect COVID-19 growth rates.

Comparing to Other Pandemics

The primary goal here was to compare trends of COVID-19 against trends of other pandemics to try and make predictions and gain insights about the future of COVID-19. By comparing against other pandemics, we can paint a better picture of how deadly COVID-19 is with regards to other known diseases.

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April 22, 2020