Data Science 209

Data Visualization

(Spring 2020)

Project Gallery

Tired of seeing generic all in one views of COVID-19? Explore various aspects of the COVID-19 virus in specific visualizations which simplify the complexity of...
These vizualizations tell an educational story about how COVID-19 has grown and what measures can be taken to slow its growth.
Grid Map of Surface Temperature Changes Through Time
This project demonstrates how global increases in temperature relate to other climate events.
Teaser Image of Global Risk Management Visualization
The visualization helps you get a better sense of the political, economic and financial risks facing multi-national organizations.
Explore the game of Jeopardy! through various interactive data visualizations styled in keeping with Jeopardy’s six category gameboard.
The basic stock chart is limited in providing insights for short-term and day-trading investors. The visualizations here are meant to bridge these gaps by...