MIMS Final Project 2019


Beaukoh is an app that aims to enhance the relationship and care between animals and their guardians/owners as well as improve the access to relevant animal related information. Beaukoh allows users to create and build profiles for their pets, share and explore animal-related information, and connect with other people and animals.

The pet care industry is an incredibly fragmented space. From the initial stages of getting a pet (shelters/breeders/etc) to the multitude of services needed to care for a pet (veterinary/boarding/walking/feeding/information), people must navigate a variety of disjointed and oftentimes inadequate services to provide care for their animals. As of yet, there is no centralized hub for pet information management, no resource to foster connection between the animal welfare industry and pet owners, and any attempts to foster and harness pet related communities are often makeshift. We believe there is a need for an adequate and usable pet-specific platform to address this gap.

Our project developed because we all love animals and wanted to find ways to enhance animal welfare. Through all of our research and work, we built a much greater appreciation for the challenges required to navigate the animal welfare industry, which represents a vast, fragmented, and complex space. However, this challenge has also compelled us as the potential impact from a well-thought-out, well-designed, and well-crafted app is immense.

How to use Beaukoh

Beaukoh is a Progressive Web App meant for use on a mobile device, so for the best experience, you should view Beaukoh on your phone.

On an iPhone, open https://www.beaukoh.com on Safari, at the bottom press the middle icon (‘action’ / ‘share’) and select ‘add to home screen.’

On Android, open https://www.beaukoh.com on Chrome, press the three vertical dots on the upper right-hand side of the browser, and select ‘add to home screen.’

Now get started! We recommend signing up, going through onboarding, making a post, starting a chat, and joining a channel. We have a few example profiles you can scroll through as well.

For privacy reasons, we have not provided a link to our Github. We can share the link upon request.

Last updated:

May 13, 2019