MIMS Final Project 2019


RoadMap was born as we validated the gap between students who want to work on industry projects and opportunities available in NGOs and institutional organisations like CLTC. More specifically, we realized that technical solutions like online portals do not satisfactorily solve this problem as there is an element of tacit knowledge and structured content required by students, which companies do not have the time or resources for.

RoadMap aims to create an seamless process for companies to propose technical/design project that will be distributed and completed by students. The idea is analogous to an encoder decoder model where the RoadMap team will enable easy deconstruction of the proposal into a modularized format through an AI driven modularizer. For the proposee, the deconstruction process creates a clearer understanding of exactly what needs to be done and the commitment required at their end. The next phase of modularizing the scoped proposal, is to create SMART (specific measurable achievable relevant time bound) goals so that both NGOs and students can have aligned project deliverables.

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May 10, 2019