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MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2018

iCareer Climber: Eliminate Guesswork from Your Career Planning

iCareer Climber transforms hundreds of thousands of resumes into digestible information for the job seeker. Our tools give job seekers the power to tackle their next career move.

Today, the best resources for career guidance are Top 10 articles and stale databases. By combining data mining, machine learning, and user experience, we have pulled together key career information for today's job seeker.

Our work shows promising results. The wisdom of the crowd can in fact be leveraged to guide job seekers to their next move.

More Information

This displays workflow for data
Product Workflow
Mapping of potential careers based on current work experience
Potential Careers
Hierarchy node graph that shows most common next job
Common Next Career Moves
Salary Min Max Average Lower Upper Quartile displayed by state
Salary Distributions for Each Career
Graph that shows bar graph of education titles
Education for Each Career
Company logo
iCareer Climber Logo


icareer climber demo

icareer climber demo

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October 1, 2019