Telematics: Giving Fleet Managers the Right Equipment

Our dataset consists of anonymized samples from HCSSApps, which are comprised of Equipment (IoT) and Ping (GPS) data in the form of CSV files.

The data is proprietary; thus, live sources were not allowed.

The Equipment data consists of:

Make, Year, Meter Value, Operating Cost, Dispatcher Name, and Site Location

The Ping data consists of:

GPS Coordinates, Speed, Bearing, Engine Idle/ Runtime, Magnetic Variation, and other Digital Inputs

Using the above, we created the following visualizations:

Geofence Dashboard:

A one-stop shop to view real-time feeds coming from the equipment of your choice.

Equipment Utilization and Aging:

Overall aging and current utilization trends provide the information you need to drive your business.

Pings & Alerts:

Giving you all of the detail you need to explore what your fleet is up to every day.

Last updated:

December 14, 2016