MIMS Final Project 2016

Mole-bile Voice

Mole-bile Voice started out as an explorative project for identifying and solving a blind users’ need. Through user research, we discovered that many blind smartphone users experienced difficulties navigating their phones and a voice user interface (VUI) could make navigation easier. Based on this research, we created two VUI mobile applications that explored blind user friendly VUI designs and built a web-based development tool that help people create new VUI mobile applications with ease.

We hope the Mole-bile Voice project will stimulate more interest around designing for user groups with accessibility needs. We plan to continue the project beyond the end of the semester and make our demo apps and development tool open-source resources available to anyone interested in making VUI mobile apps. We hope there will be more user friendly VUI mobile apps available to blind users in the near future.

Last updated:

March 30, 2017