MIMS Final Project 2016


We meet new people every day - at an event, or in a new class, or for a project. While sometimes we do know in an instant whether we like the person in front of us or not, that usually happens only in movies. Most of the time, we want to get to know them a little bit better. And that in today’s world usually means adding them on Facebook or Linkedin.

However, Facebook and Linkedin are not designed for building relationships with people you’ve just met. There are many times when you want to present only a particular dimension of yourself, without having to expose your entire social network and past history to strangers. At the same time, you do want to be able to interact with them, safely and get to know them better. And this is where people, even today, fall back to exchanging business cards.

CardStak gives the users control over how they present themselves to strangers, while protecting them from unintended consequences of meeting strangers. It gives them the ability to get to know the others and building a relationship, before deciding how to proceed with connecting on a deeper level.

Last updated:

March 30, 2017