MIMS Final Project 2015


India has, operating within her sizeable landmass, an approximate 3.3 million social development organizations - one for every 400 Indians. Even with this staggering number, NGOs are constantly challenged by the India’s indifference towards common developmental problems; there is a frequent exhibition of severe insensitivity and apathy towards social realities that plague the country. This apathy is normative in the daily life of the middle class that inhumanly employs informal labour, routinely ignores instances of child labour, and sometimes even indulges it, and interacts with disease and poverty everyday without batting an eyelid, among other things. It becomes especially evident in tragic cases like the Delhi gangrape of 2012, where the victim lay on the road for over twenty five minutes calling out for help before a passer by finally called the police and ambulance. The problem of civic disengagement and apathy towards social realities becomes significant because the urban middle class constitutes of about 20% of India’s population, or 250 million.

NGOs in India exist in abundance because the few people who are actually sensitive and compassionate, put in their lives to understand and solve social issues around them. However without the majority of the populating chiming in, this is an uphill battle for the social development sector, and often even their contribution cannot be computed because their impact stories cannot be comprehensively documented.

The reason for both the aforementioned problems is twofold:

  1. Severe information gap: Lack of knowledge of social development organizations operating within a particular geography, the kind of work they do and its value, and consequently
  2. Culture of indifference - the indian social landscape suffers from a culture of blissful indifference and apathy towards the severe social issues in India.  Social development work is seen as ‘uncool’ for the youth.

NGOWaale™  is thus an online content publishing platform that seeks to ultimately glue the social development sector together in a novel way.

NGOWaale™ will  

  1. Get the social development community onto a common platform, and make its members searchable by name, cause(s) associated with, and within specific geographies,
  2. Give a voice to the social development sector by allowing users to generate and consume content associated with specific causes in an effort to increase community interest and investment in the social development sector,
  3. Facilitate a unique connection between NGOs and people creating a social network that can then serve as a base for other additional services in the future.

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