MIMS Final Project 2015

Audio Autonomy


We will show a proof of concept of an interactive voice response (IVR) and music system tailored for patients with dementia and their caregivers, to support independent living. The system goes in the home, and is managed by the caregiver. It can respond to commands, music requests, and questions. It also plays scheduled music and voice interactions. The caregiver will use a web interface to curate music and question-answer responses. For the patient we focus on safety, anti-fraud, and activities of daily living (ADL). For the caregiver, we offer support and stress relief. 

Possible uses include:

  • answering questions that get asked repeatedly
  • playing music to build routines and facilitate challenging transitions during the day
  • reminders for medication, daily tasks, and safety
  • delightful and engaging music, ambient sounds, or audio content
  • supplementary emergency response service
  • phone fraud prevention

Our system illustrates a possible software component of a future personal health care companion, as shown in movies such as Big Hero 6.

Last updated:

October 7, 2016