MIMS Final Project 2010

Observations of Daily Living

Team members

This project has three major deliverables.  The first deliverable is a mobile application for new parents.  The application will enable the easy capture of baby ODLs (Observations of Daily Living) such as eating and sleeping habits.  These observations play an important role in the care of infants, especially those born early.  ODLs, in conjunction with labs and other tests, can provide early warning signs for a host of medical conditions.  They can also be used more generally to track the overall health of a baby.

The second deliverable is a web service that integrates the mobile app with Personal Health Records.  We will first integrate with Google Health in the hopes of adding Microsoft Health Vault in the future.  Our partnership with Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH) will allow us to close the loop and provide the ODL data directly to the physician in an electronic form.  Our initial competitive analysis suggests that nobody else has been able to do this yet.

The third deliverable is a web application built on top of our web service that allows parents and/or physicians to access visualizations of the ODL data.  This site will also facilitate the printing out of ODL data for providers whose Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) aren't integrated with Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault.  The functionality of the web app has been scoped down for the project but future iterations could include patient networking and physician prescribed health plans.

Last updated: February 19, 2019