MIMS Final Project 2010

Finding the Nexus of Business, Technical, and User Needs in Building a Commercially Viable Mobile Augmented Reality Application


Augmented reality promises significant opportunities for fusing our digital lives with our physical environments. As the technology is refined, new applications emerge in fields as diverse as toys and healthcare. Yet as hype grows around the potential of augmented reality, investment and sales are at a crawl. Why are investors wary of augmented reality? Why are user adoption rates sluggish? Can augmented reality be a viable business solution, or is it just another passing fad? By surveying the evolution of augmented reality technology, I will illustrate the potential of augmented reality applications. Through a review of current literature on augmented reality and immersive experience user needs, followed by an analysis of augmented reality business models, I will explore the relationship between the user experience of augmented reality applications and business viability. This research will be published in a publicly-available white paper addressed to augmented reality application developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

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