MIMS Final Project 2009



The goal of Courseland is to integrate disparate academic data sources into a single source platform. Developers can utilize this platform via an API to create new and interesting services.

What gave you the idea for this project?

Every semester, students have to go through the arduous task of paying for tuition and registering for classes. Registration times, bills, and course scheduling are all done through different on-campus websites. Students often complain about the lack of centrality of academic services and often forget where they have to go to do certain tasks.Additionally, there are certain activities such as degree requirement checking that currently cannot be done online. Currently, physical forms are used which only introduce human-error and is a redundant task since all the information is already available in the campus databases. Our goal in Courseland is to bring all the data sources together so developers can more easily work on software that can automate these tasks online.

Who might benefit from a system like this?

The main benefactors of this system would be the students of UC Berkeley. Couseland would enable developers to create software that would help students with their academic affairs.

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October 7, 2016