MIMS Final Project 2007

Tutoring Agency Management System (TAMS)


While there are many applications in the market that effectively manage appointment scheduling and other related functions, a specialized web-based application for tutoring agencies that automates the process of tutor-student matching seems to be lacking. To provide a highly effective tutoring experience, the administrators of tutoring agencies usually have to undergo a lot of analysis of the tutoring requirements and schedule of availability to determine the best tutor student match. This is generally a frustrating and time-consuming task considering the wide range of constraints that need to be considered.

The TAMS application is designed to alleviate the pain of manual student tutor matching. TAMS is a web-based application that aims to provide an optimal service experience for managing tutor and student information and assists in finding the most suitable tutor for each student. Users will just need to enter the tutoring constraints (such as subjects to be tutored, availability of each student), then sit back and let TAMS do the matching and suggest the ideal match. The application will also provide dynamically generated graphs for visualizing various trends such as student enrollment distribution.

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October 7, 2016