MIMS Final Project 2007

Tales from the Beehive: A Communications Case Study


The Communication Case Study entailed evaluating and assessing current communication practices and processes of the UC Berkeley Residential and Student Service Programs - Information Technologies (RSSP-IT) department. Findings were developed into recommendations for communication tools, strategies and vision aimed at creating a more effective and efficient collaborative environment.

This project is a practical, professional-level endeavor to evaluate various communication and information systems and to develop guidelines and strategies for a collaborative communication system for the RSSP-IT. Such a system will eliminate redundancy, improve access to documentation, and integrate disparate platforms. We demonstrate our ability to:

  • effectively organize information;
  • gather and analyze user information needs;
  • work within budgetary, organizational, technological, and social constraints;
  • deliver recommendations of optimal tool features to improve communication structure of RSSP-IT;
  • provide a service for our client to improve efficiency of information sharing, resulting in real improvements in department operations, communications, and customer service;
  • develop communication strategies to encompass future technologies and enable an enduring vision.

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