MIMS Final Project 2006



We are building a server-side medication reminder system for patients with chronic disease. More specifically, this project is in response to problems with medication non-compliance by tuberculosis patients in the developing world, and is intended as an extension of DOTS (Directly Observed Therapy, Short-course), the current standard of care for tuberculosis treatment worldwide. Traditional DOTS requires human labor and economic resources that are often scarce in developing countries, as it necessitates direct contact between patient and health care provider. Our project seeks to reach more patients at a lower cost through computer-automated SMS and voice reminders via mobile phones. Our design is informed by the feasibility research study we carried out this past summer in Kenya through a MOT-UNIDO Fellowship.

Patients will receive medication reminders via a mobile phone, sent at predetermined intervals from a computer using a wireless GSM modem/phone. The system design includes repositories for patient data and messages, a back end messaging system, and user interfaces for entering relevant information. In addition to iteratively developing our system and interface based user needs and feedback, we intend to contribute to the growing literature on how best to design appropriate information and communications technology for the developing world.

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October 7, 2016