MIMS Final Project 2005

SylViA, The Syllabus Viewing Application

SylViA, the Syllabus Viewing Application, has been developed to alleviate the lack of standardization and occasional poor usability of SIMS syllabi. SylViA is a model-based application encompassing both an editing component for professors and TA's and a viewing component for students. SylViA captures all essential information about a syllabus in a standard data model and can then present various views of both a single class and combinations of classes.

One of our main goals with SylViA is to develop a fully functional, usable, and robust application in hopes that it can be deployed and become part of every day life at SIMS, in the spirit of eDecisions. Fondly known as eD, eDecisions is the only SIMS Master's project that has continues to be used after the graduation of its creators, and we hope that SylViA will be the second. We are committed to working with professors, students, and the SIMS computing staff to design SylViA for continued use in the years to come.

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March 30, 2017