MIMS Final Project 2004

UC Berkeley Calendar Network

1st Place

There are many calendars on the UC Berkeley campus that post events of interest to other departments or organizations. However, there is currently no automated way to share event information among these numerous calendars. Our solution is an event sharing system, the UC Berkeley Calendar Network, which is based on an "event" data model created by analyzing 23 disparate UC Berkeley campus calendars. Because of the wide range of technical needs and expertise of current campus calendars, we have designed two approaches by which different types of campus calendars can share event information with each other. For "low-tech" calendar owners we have created a centralized repository to store event information, as well as a Calendar Management Tool. This tool will allow calendar owners to both manage event information and create a customized, web-based calendar which will integrate smoothly into their current website by reproducing the website's look and feel. For "high-tech" calendar owners who have specialized web development needs, or a need to maintain their own repository of event information, we outline a process by which they can send event information to, or pull information from the centralized event repository using an XML document.

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