Summer 2020 MIDS Capstone Project Judges

Dhaval Bhatt

Dhaval Bhatt (MIDS ’16) is a product management professional with more than ten years of experience at the intersection of product, analytics, and marketing. Dhaval started off his career as an aerospace systems engineer at Honeywell Aerospace, where he led complex systems engineering projects like Boeing Dreamliner and NextGen Flight Management systems. Dhaval founded Niche Solutions in 2009 and worked on several web startups, including nationally best-selling e-commerce stores, SaaS products, an industry leading cloud marketing startup, neuro-cognitive thermogenic supplement development, and an innovative software-based wine-estate brokerage business. Dhaval is co-creator of Squibler, a writing software product.

Rumman Chowdhury

Rumman is global lead for responsible AI at Accenture Applied Intelligence, where she works with C-suite clients to create technical solutions for ethical, explainable and transparent AI. She holds degrees in quantitative social science and has been a practicing data scientist and AI developer since 2013. She is interested in how data can be used to understand bias and ways to evaluate the impact of technology on humanity. She has contributed significant work on algorithmic ethics, fairness, and justice. Her latest research is on the surveillance infrastructure of smart cities, as well as the algorithmic colonization of the global south.

Daniel Gillick

Daniel is an assistant adjunct professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information, where he teaches in the MIDS program. His research focus is on natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, and speech recognition. He is also a research scientist at Google where his primary area of research is natural language processing. Daniel received his B.A. in computer science and English from Wesleyan University and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer sciences at UC Berkeley.

Sharon Lin

Sharon Lin (MIDS ’15) is the director of creator analytics at Twitch, a live streaming video platform. At Twitch, she leads the analytics team to build and provide business intelligence solutions and strategic insights for the Creator GTM and product teams. Previously, she worked as a staff data scientist at Okta, a cloud security and identity management company based in San Francisco. At Okta, she worked on building data analytics on products and lead the efforts in developing predictive analytics solutions.

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