Walt Burge

MIDS Student

Focus: As an experienced technologist and Enterprise Architect, I am passionate about the use of Data Science to deliver competitive business leverage while...

MIDS Student

Focus: I've chosen to enroll in the MIDS program to improve my technical knowledge of data science. I've overseen teams doing the work, but would...

PhD Student
Alumni (MIMS 2010)
Former Lecturer

Focus: location-based services, privacy & security, privacy-by-design, multistakeholderism, Web standards
Jeremy Gordon

PhD Student

Focus: Bio-feasible computational models of cognition, causal induction, active learning, collaboration, machine learning & reinforcement learning,...

PhD Student
Alumni (MIDS 2015)

Focus: differential privacy; algorithmic game theory; machine learning; fairness, accountability, and transparency; law and policy

MIMS Student 2019

Focus: Product Management and Tech Policy
Elizabeth Resor

PhD Student

Focus: social media practices in East Africa, civic technology, critical cartography, international development agencies and agendas

MIMS Student 2018

Focus: Data Science, Business Analytics, and Product Management
Elaine Headshot

PhD Student

Focus: information sharing practices; cybersecurity; privacy; open data; research ethics; science and technology policy; national research infrastructure

MIDS Student

Focus: Data science for social impact issues: mental health, women empowerment, education.

PhD Student

Focus: Critical Design, Values in Design, Privacy, Science & Technology Studies, Human-Computer Interaction