Zhuo Chen

MIDS Student


Data Science, Machine Learning Engineering, Financial Engineering, Quantative Analysis, Human-machine Interactions, Internet of Things, Commercial Service Robots


Data Science
Software Development


A creative minded, critical thinking and dedicated professional with solid knowledge and extensive practice in computer science and software engineering with 6+ years of professional enterprise-level software developing experience.

Top skills: Java, C#, Python, OOP, Data Structures, Algorithms, System Designs and Full-stack development

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, minor in Economics, Purdue University, Fall 2012 - Spring 2016, GPA 3.62 / 4.0

Working Experience:

Full Stack Software Engineer in IT department of an Asset management Company

  • Current company is Los Angeles Capital Management LLC, an asset management company focusing on 100% global equity trading, AUM is around 30 billions USD.
  • Leading developer of building a new trading system called Zuma, which integrates company’s existing trading workflows and provides traders with new real-time indicators and charts for their trading optimization (Real-time gain and loss, etc.)
  • Leading developer of company’s optimizer engine, which integrates portfolio managers (PMs) workflows, clients’ constraints & objectives, Axioma mathematic optimization engine, and Alpha models from Research team
  • Developer of building a new portfolio management system called Venice, which provides PMs a new workflow to manage clients’ accounts and performs regular rebalancing.
  • Responsible for building and integrating varies web services on top of third-party vendors’ APIs (CRD, Bloomberg, etc.)
  • Building a new single page application (SPA) frontend for the trading system (Zuma) and PM system (Venice) using Angular
  • Integrating Azure cloud functions (Azure AD, Authorizations / Authentication, App Insights, etc.) into varies projects


  • Programming Languages: Java, C#/.NET, SQL, C++, C, Python, Shell Scripts
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Thorough and deep understanding of common data structures; efficient algorithm design & time complexity analysis
  • Software Engineering: OOP, Design Patterns, Agile Methodology, Full-stack Development, Source Control, Mobile App Development (Android & iOS), Spring Framework, Software Testing
  • Databases: Database Design & Maintenance, Data Integration, Performance and Scalability Optimization

Last updated:

August 7, 2022