Victor Kuan putting up a peace sign and smiling

Victor Kuan

MIMS Student 2024


Product Management, EdTech Entrepreneurship, UI/UX Research


A little about me:

I'm a UC Berkeley grad student studying Information Management and Systems, concentrating in Product Management and HCI. I recently graduated with my BS in Computer Science & Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington in Seattle. At UW, I enjoyed creating startup projects with friends. 

For example, I created a study buddy finder app called KiwiLink: 

I also created an educational financial literacy card game called Noncents:

As I worked with my friends to build these products, I realized that I really want to become a skilled Product Manager in the future.

I recently worked at Jane Street as a Product Manager and learned a ton.

Fun facts about myself:

- I love noodles (beef noodle soup, ramen, pho) (I love ramen so much that I once delivered a speech about ramen)

- I love tennis (Federer is my favorite)

- I like making films during my free time

- My favorite travel destinations (from recent) are Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Banff 

- I am extremely agreeable >:)

Last updated:

April 19, 2024