Tracy Huang

Alumni (MIDS 2019)

By appointment, encourage you to join slack channel w200-huang-m630 and ask questions


Software Development and Architecture, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Computer Vision


Currently, I work at Wipro as a technical lead. I lead teams to develop mobile and web applications and the like, leveraging modern frameworks and technologies. Throughout my industry journey, I have researched and helped build out a multitude of enterprise products end to end, infrastructure and solutions in the regime of CRM, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and semiconductors. Enjoy interacting with people from various backgrounds and leveraging or inventing new hybrid techniques to solve all aspects of challenges. I am very conscientious and considerate towards all students' questions (OH and project questions answered: 100%).


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering / Polymer Physics (Florida State University)

Master of Information and Data Science (University of California, Berkeley)

B.S. in Computer Science (Florida State University)

B.S. in Mathematics (Florida State University)


Last updated:

January 25, 2021