Syed Junaid Khan

Alumni (MICS 2023)


Information Architecture


Cybersecurity, Information Management, Cloud Security, Provisioning (CSPs) Amazon-AWS, Google-GCP, IoT Security, Designing and deployment of defensive methodologies such as perimeter defense, defense-in-depth using various firewall (Cisco, Fortinet, Checkpoint, Juniper, Paloalto/Panorama) on-prem and in the cloud, Employee VPN/Business Partner VPN, on-demand VPN solutions. Network Segmentation, Zero-Trust Model. - Programming Languages: C, C++ Shell scripting, Bash, Korn, Python. - Data Manipulation and Visualization: Scikit-Learn, NumPy, Pandas, Machine Learning.- Functional: Leadership, Critical Thinking, Strong Verbal & Written Communication, Organized, Analytical, Collaboration.


I also have an excellent understanding of enterprise cybersecurity NIST/CSF framework, CIS Controls, various threat models, programs, and risk management through hands-on experience. I could make recommendations to senior-level management concerning cyber security risks, impacts, and mitigation in the near and long term.

Last updated:

June 16, 2024