Sanjay Dorairaj

Alumni (MIDS 2019)


Leading machine learning research at Comcast Labs in Sunnyvale, CA


Passionate, focused and tireless technologist with a great record of having led several successful million dollar projects in the multimedia and communications infrastructure domain. Infectious energy and the ability to motivate teams to achieve difficult and challenging goals. Especially adept at leading new product development from birth to maturity. Continuously learning and always looking to stay at the cutting edge of technology and for ways to tie innovative ideas with real-world applications.

Excellent knowledge of product development, project management, product engineering lead, product marketing, system engineering, software architecture, development and testing of cable and telecommunication equipment. 

Currently focused on healthcare and machine learning. Past responsibilities include leading several key pieces of the Comcast RDK ( - a Linux-based set-top/gateway platform), including driving product development, architecture, configuration management, setup of the RDK website, development of support tools/reporting tools, triage and the development of several other key components. 

Last updated:

May 18, 2022