Pablo Arvizu

Alumni (MIMS 2015)


Data Analysis, Information Visualization, Front-end and Web Development


At the I School I realized that what I want to do is develop tools that will help solve everyday problems, small or large, simple or complex. I love web and mobile development but also have a passion for information visualization, which I think is the perfect balance between front-end development and data analysis. More than anything else I am passionate about two things, software development and sports!

Before the I School I worked as a Data Analysis and Management Specialist for around 5 years and as a web developer for 2 years prior to that among other things. My background as a computer scientist has been a great complement to the amazing and complex subjects and concepts that we've learned at the I School. I am interested in infoviz, interface design and development, and behavioral economics. During the summer I interned as a software engineer at SurveyMonkey working on the Text Analysis feature and it was a great experience at a great company.

My MIMS Final project is Tagalong, a mobile app that leverages our relationships and close friends who already exercise, to help those who haven’t been able to build that habit yet keeping them motivated throughout the process.

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June 19, 2024