Nobuhiro Yamaguchi

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Using data science to create a better society


Currently, I work at Mizuho Bank and am a representative of Mizuho Information & Research Institute, a strategic IT services company within Mizuho Financial Group. This IT company has wide variety of customers. Customers are not only financial institutions but also public sectors and companies in wide range of industries.

As a representative of the IT company I’m in charge of the new business creation and I saw the importance of data in a new light. It is almost impossible to start creating new business without data. At the same time, data is very difficult to handle. I strongly believe that I need to study the entire cycle of data. I will continue working around the area of the new business creation. Therefore, it is the best time to study the data science systematically now so that I can achieve my short-term and long-term goals as below.

Short-term goal:

I believe that the communication skill is the key to the new business creation. Therefore, I would like to acquire the skill of asking good questions in addition to the technical skills.

Long-term goal:

I would like to be a leader of the new business creation in Mizuho Financial Group. Moreover, I would like to solve the social problems utilizing the power of data.

Last updated:

December 4, 2023