Marc Faddoul UC Berkeley AI researcher

Marc Faddoul

Research Scientist
Alumni (MIMS 2019)


Disinformation, Geopolitics & Computational Propaganda, Algorithmic Fairness, Internet Governance


Associate Specialist Researcher with Pr. Hany Farid (Sept 19 - Present)

We develop algorithms to automatically detect disinformation and borderline content, partnering with major social media platforms.

ISchool Graduate Student (MIMS 2019)

Previous Experience

Engineering degree from Télécom Paris: Undergrad in CS and Maths + MS in Data Science

2018: Algorithm Designer @Bloom. Design an influence ranking model for social media posts.

2016: Algorithm Designer @Jalgos. Design and Implementation of data-intensive algorithmic solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

2013 - 2017: Freelancer. Several projects, involving optimisation, resource allocation and web semantics.

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January 19, 2020