Elizabeth Shulok

Alumni (MIDS 2018)


I am interested in applications of data science in building science, specifically in collecting, analyzing and visualizing energy data to help drive sustainable building designs.


When completing my bachelor's in mathematics, my emphasis was in pure mathematics due to my interest in logic and discrete math. After college, I found a job working as a software engineer for RAM International, a company that developed software for structural engineers to design and analyze structures.

While I was at RAM International (later bought by Bentley Systems), I focused on data exchange between different structural modeling programs and the challenges of managing disparities in data structures designed by different software vendors. I worked on translators for neutral file formats for the structural industry, such as CIS/2, as well as on direct translators between internal and external products. I also implemented an API to the structural building data for the RAM Structural System, which allowed third parties to access the data without knowing the data structure.

After nine years at RAM International, I realized I could use my knowledge of data exchange issues in the structural engineering industry to create direct translators between products for which no direct data exchange option was available. I founded my software company, Structural Integrators, LLC, over 8 years ago, and have created translators between Autodesk Revit Structure and 2 structural analysis programs, Bentley's STAAD.Pro and STRAP by Atir Software.

Over the last 3 years, I have been working as a consultant on software projects related to building science. The tools I have worked on use weather data from weather stations around the globe to help architects and engineers analyze how a building will perform when built, with the goal of minimizing energy needs over the lifespan of the building, as well as increasing comfort for building occupants. 

Last updated:

June 16, 2024