Charles Gomez

Former Postdoctoral Scholar
Former Lecturer


Sociology; globalization; global science and knowledge; knowledge diffusion; organizations.


I'm a sociologist interested in the dynamics of global science, specifically how scientific knowledge and scientists traverse borders. I completed my Ph.D. in sociology and global comparative education from Stanford. My research interest is the study of how scientific knowledge globally diffuses and is shaped by countries and the international system over time. I use topic models, social network analysis, and agent-based models in my research. I've taught a broad range of social theory and methods classes, including a MOOC on Coursera and my own class at Berkeley's G.S.E. Outside of Academia, I worked for Accenture in New York and I did a summer internship with Facebook. Originally from Miami and New York City, I currently reside in sunny San Francisco! 

Current Research

My current research projects employ social network analysis and topics models to large-scale scientific publication data to explore how countries and the international system shape scientific knowledge around the world and over time. 


Ph.D., Stanford University (2016), Sociology and Global Comparative Education

M.P.P., Harvard University (2010), International and Global Affairs

M.S., Columbia University (2006), Applied Physics

B.S.E., Duke University (2005), Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Philosophy

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May 30, 2024