Arthur Lima

Alumni (MIDS 2019)


Understand the applied methodologies (the statistical model that generated the model), process optimisation and Natural-language processing.


Data Science


Academic Background
Since my first years of age, my parents invested heavily on my education. I attended
one of the best high schools in Brazil, and to complement my studies, they
influenced me to learn english and take advanced classes in math and physics. In
my high school time, I devoted myself in tutoring others who had difficulties in the
Exact sciences, due to that, for most of the time I had a partial scholarship, and a
complete scholarship on my last year for academic performance. This devotion to
studies granted me a successful application to the best production engineering
graduation program in Brazil at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora ­ UFJF.
During my graduation, I understood that only devoting time to the University was not
enough. Since the second semester, I joined the junior enterprise and started to
develop projects in small companies in Juiz de Fora. Getting in touch with the small
entrepreneurs helped me understand that many of their decisions were pure based
on their previously experiences and using operations programming I could help them
to achieve a better usage of their industries.
Seeking complimenting my graduation studies, I participated in a one year exchange
program to France. For these two semesters, I participated in a 6 month internship at
Class, where I got the chance to develop a tablet application for their quality gate
program. To make this process easier and faster, I developed an tablet application with a simple UX, the worker could do
his job much faster and as this was online, the informations were available much
For the second semester I was at ENIM (Ecole National d'Ingénieurs de Metz) I
decide to go deeper into the mechanical engineering classes. Classes like
manufacturing, project management and regulation, helped me to increase my
understanding on how to apply mathematical processes into real life problems.
After my time in France, I got back to UFJF where I devoted most of my time in
classes focused on operations research and computer analysis. My graduation
thesis was a methodology on how to define the best maintenance policy based on
confidence levels.
Relevant Experience
My work experience started when I began my graduation. I participated in 3
internship programs and founded my own company while still attending classes. The
bright side on attending night classes is that it frees our day to extra curricular
activities and I profited of that.
At the internship in MRS I was responsible for analysing the causes of running overs
and collisions. For that, I used the statistical software SPSS, to understand the
correlations between the rails, weather and conductor characteristics. After getting
the principal components we used 5W2H and ISHIKAWA to define the root causes
and define the action plans.
At Gerdau I was responsible for Production Planning and Control, as well as the
Quality Programs and Work Safety. But one project that I am proud of is the
optimization of the metal bars. As we used to have four bars length and multiple bar
cuts that we had to do, I developed a program to optimize using operation research.
At my entrepreneur experience, I had two main responsibilities: Commercial and IT.
At the commercial departament I was responsible to lead the sales force to
understand the clients problem and to fit this problem into one of the projects in our
portfolium or to sell our maintenance platform. As the IT Director, I was responsible
to lead the development team from scratch: starting with the program requirements,
developing the MVP and making sure that the scrum board was always updated and
on schedule. During this time, I was responsible for structuring our database,
structuring the program input, worker and visualization. As a small entrepreneur I had to code as well.
Most of the program I had to build from scratch and using my engineering knowledge
to optimize the output of the program to be as much actionable as possible. Skills
like SQL, python and heavy PHP programming were necessary to make our dream
After this experience, I started as an trainee at Saraiva, one of the largest electronic
and physical commerce, focused mostly on literature. At Saraiva, I had an actuation

in strategic logistics projects, direct interface with other supply areas, stores and
carriers, and actuation in the Planning and Control of the Logistics Budget. 
My last professional experience is at Uber, where I started as an operations
coordinator at the Belo Horizonte city team and moved up to be a Regional
Operations Manager. At the city team I was responsible for the Activation Center in
Belo Horizonte with over 10 people. Managing over 10
people during this time taught me how important is to listen to the ones that are in
touch with our driver partners. Just by listening I learned a lot and it helped me to
develop more optimal processes. I was also responsible for incentives management
and competition strategy, aligning business strategy with spend.
As a Regional Manager, I am responsible for analysing market health and balance
(performing budgeting on incentives and acquisition spend). Acting in product
planning and implementation, to increase the market efficiency (for Brazil and
LatAm). And analysing and implementing pricing strategy, and portfolium
optimization (performing elasticity tests, cannibalization and Causal Impact Analysis).

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September 23, 2020