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The School of Information is the proud home of a welcoming community, which includes students from a wide variety of backgrounds, nations, cultures, and experiences. Our faculty, students, and staff share the vision for a vibrant and inclusive I School. Our students hail from more than a dozen countries and the majority of US states. Our community includes students with disabilities, students of color, student parents, veterans, first-generation college graduates, and those seeking a career change. Gender diversity ranges from one-quarter to one-half women depending on the program, and we strive to be inclusive and welcoming for LGBTQ students.

We’re building a diverse and inclusive community, and we need your help. Because the tech industry struggles with diversity and inclusion, especially with respect to women and underrepresented minorities, we know that we have a special responsibility to address these issues directly before sending our graduates on to careers in the public and private sectors. As an information school at a public university in close proximity to Silicon Valley, we aim to be an agent of change.

“At Berkeley, one of the amazing things I see is how diverse backgrounds are respected and leveraged to deepen our understanding of how technology is impacting our world.”
–Steve Trush (MIMS ’18)

We know there’s work to do. We remain committed to expanding our recruitment efforts and to supporting an even wider variety of students who face challenging circumstances that impede their ability to pursue graduate education in technology and related fields. We particularly recognize the challenges facing women in STEM, underrepresented minority students, and other groups discouraged from pursuing education or professional opportunities in technology. We aim to focus on groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education or come from non-traditional educational backgrounds, as well as individuals who have demonstrated significant academic achievement by overcoming barriers such as economic, social, or educational disadvantage.

We don’t have all the answers, but we are committed to continuing to recruit an amazing group of people who represent not only the diversity of California, but the nation and the world. We hope you’ll join us.

2018 I School graduates celebrate on the Berkeley campus before commencement.


A variety of resources and groups are available at UC Berkeley and beyond to provide support and community for our diverse I School populations. Learn more

Faculty Equity Advisor

The Faculty Equity Advisor’s job is to ensure that diversity and equity are considered in all aspects of the School’s academic mission. The advisor works with staff, faculty, and students to ensure that the School’s policies, practices, and procedures foster a friendly, fair, and professional environment. This includes participating in strategic planning, faculty recruitment, graduate student admissions, and fostering a climate of equity and inclusion.

We invite all I School faculty, staff, and students to reach out to share thoughts, ideas or concerns about the inclusiveness of our school.

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Headshot of Professor Deirdre K. Mulligan
Deirdre Mulligan
303B South Hall

For prospective students

Learn more about our vibrant community and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Inquire about application fee waivers for veterans and students in challenging financial circumstances.

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Roxanne Pifer
Director of Admissions and Diversity Recruitment

For current students

Reach out for support in your educational and professional journey at the I School.

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Catherine Cronquist Browning
Catherine Cronquist Browning
Assistant Dean of Academic Programs and of Equity and Inclusion
111 South Hall

For alumni

Join us in supporting our vision for equity at the I School and beyond.

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Rebecca Andersen
Rebecca Andersen
Senior Director of Student & Alumni Career Development
311 South Hall

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Featured Alumni

Nisha Pathak

“I attribute many of my successes and my personal and professional growth to the driven, motivated, and brilliant community at the I School.”
— Nisha Pathak, MIMS 2018

Carlos Miguel Lasa

“In my time at the I School, I worked and debated with engineers, designers, philosophers, policy and nonprofit advocates, all of whom shared their unique perspectives to paint a bigger picture of how society must responsibly use information.”
— Carlos Miguel Lasa, MIMS 2016

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December 2, 2022