MIMS student Varsha Chandrakanthan learned more about UX design and UX research roles by working in both this past summer.
MIMS student Daphne Jong describes how working as an Experience Design Intern at Airbnb affirmed her career goals.
Jake Mainwaring
MIMS student Jake Mainwaring describes how working as a Data Science Intern at Glassdoor solidified his career interests.
Information and Society, by Michael Buckland
Information and Society, by emeritus professor Michael Buckland wins ASIS&T’s 2018 Best Information Science Book Award.
MIMS class of 2020 photo
Meet the MIMS class of 2020! This Fall, 49 new students joined us on campus to embark on the Master of Information Management and Systems program.
Street scene in Kabul, where phones are ubiquitous
Prof Blumenstock uses data science to improve financial inclusion in Afghanistan.
South Hall
The Master of Information and Cybersecurity provides the technical skills and contextual knowledge students need to assume leadership positions in technology companies as well as government and military organizations.
Cybersecurity at Berkeley
The inaugural cohort of the Master of Information and Cybersecurity program began classes on May 7, 2018.
Marcus DeMaster
To many, the term “data science” suggests businesses using our data to make more money, but big data can do more than fuel bigger profits.
May 2018 commencement
Throughout the Spring 2018 commencement ceremony, speakers asked the graduates to use what they’d learned at the I School to improve the world.