MIMS group 2018 and 2019 graduates

MIMS Students’ Summer Internships

MIMS students share their summer internship experiences, including a typical day’s work and advice for first-year students as they prepare for their internships.

professional headshot of richa verma
Richa Verma (MIMS ’23) spent the summer of 2022 as a Product Management Intern at Sisu Data.
photo of Renad Abdallah
Renad Abdallah (MIMS ’23) spent the summer of 2022 as a Data Governance Analyst at PlayStation.
portrait of Alyssa Guo smiling
MIMS student Alyssa Guo spent the summer as a UX Design intern at Amazon.
portrait of Austin Biehl, smiling
Austin Biehl (MIMS ’23) spent the summer of 2022 as a People Analytics Intern at Klaviyo.
Changran Hu
Changran Hu (MIMS ’21) spent the summer of 2020 as a data science intern at Microsoft. 
Vineet Vashist
Vineet Vashist (MIMS ’21) spent the summer as a product manager intern at AppDynamics.
MIMS student Meena Kaushik interned as a UX designer at Google, working at YouTube this summer.
Chintan Vyas
MIMS student Chintan Vyas interned as a product manager at Sumo Logic, a cloud-based machine data analytics company. 
Mugdha Bhusari (MIMS ’20)
MIMS student Mugdha Bhusari spent the summer as a data science intern at a research center.
Melrose Huang
MIMS student Melrose Huang interned as a UX researcher in a startup this past summer.