Feb 19, 2024

MIMS Alum Gautham Koorma Asked About Biometrics Threat

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Deepfakes are a threat to India’s democracy but also video KYC: report

By Masha Borak

India is facing a proliferation of deepfakes that could spread misinformation during elections. More importantly for the biometrics industry, deepfakes could pose a major challenge for user verification, including video KYC, a new report from tech-focused media outlet Medianama warns.

The report drew its conclusions from a discussion on “Deep Fakes and Democracy” conducted by MediaNama on January 17 with support from Meta and Google. The debate centered on strategies to curb the dissemination of deepfakes and included speakers from India’s technology sector...

“Biometrics are a good way to deal with a lot of these things, but once we put them in place, it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna work forever,” says Gautham Koorma, researcher, at the UC Berkeley School of Information. “There are gonna be people who are gonna break it and these things continuously need to evolve. And there is research that is showing promising results for biometrics...”


Gautham Koorma is a recent graduate of the MIMS program (’23). His final project focused on determining the authenticity of audio clips and whether they were deepfaked. 

headshot gautham koorma
Gautham Koorma (Photo by Photo by Brittany Hosea-Small for the School of Information)

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February 21, 2024