Apr 17, 2023

When Scam Calls Come Calling, Hany Farid Explains Why and How

From Erie News Now

Scam Calls and New Technology

By Marisa Thomas

Those pretending to be from the IRS, the government, or a service provider, chances are you've gotten a scam call.   

Lucia Dunsmore received an offer to cut down her cable bill if only she paid over the phone right then and there.   

"And as soon he said that I realized it was a scam. So, I hung up two days ago and the phone rings. This is spectrum. Same thing," Dunsmore said...    

"So, think of these types of phishing scams that we have all seen on our text messages and our email, but more sophisticated, because now you're going to get a phone call from somebody that sounds like somebody you know," Hany Farid from the UC Berkeley School of Information said...   

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Hany Farid is a professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information and EECS.

headshot hany farid
Hany Farid (Photo by Brittany Hosea-Small for the School of Information)

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April 26, 2023